Definitive Guide to Make a More Productive Flow.

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At least misery loves company. It’s rare to find someone who actually enjoys a workday clogged with meetings — partly because we’re conditioned to hate them, according to organizational psychologist Joseph Allen, and partly because so many of them are just plain bad.

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Simply the misery loves company. It’s rare to find someone who actually enjoys a workday clogged with meetings — partly because we’re conditioned to hate them, according to organizational psychologist Joseph Allen, and partly because so many of them are just plain bad.

Martin$1Because that’s all Steve Job’ needed for a salary.
John$100KFor all the blogging he does.
Robert$100MPictures are worth a thousand words, right? So Tom x 1,000.
Jane$100BWith hair like that?! Enough said…

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Teodora Ivan
Teodora Ivan
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